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What's it about?

January is the perfect time to slow down, rest, and focus in on yourself. Enjoy deep relaxation and gentle reflection. Tune into your inner wisdom to set you up for a fabulous year ahead. Ideal for busy mums, and anyone else who needs it.

  • Simple relaxation exercises to help you rest, reflect, and restore.

  • Simply press play on the videos or audio, and be gently guided through lovely relaxing sessions, in your own time.

  • Inspiring workbook/restbook, and downloadable relaxation MP3s

  • Additional optional activities to deepen and extend your rest and reset.


  • easy on our tired brains

    Really good, simple exercises, easy on our tired brains. Getting more relaxed with each session.

  • perfect for inducing a deep rest

    Each activity and the silences between was just long enough and the relaxations were absolutely perfect for inducing a deep rest. I slept so well after these sessions as they allowed me to release any stored tension and soften into the evening.

  • a soothing supportive opportunity

    That was a lovely session Cathy, so helpful to reflect on where I’ve been and to see changes. Thank you again for creating such a soothing supportive opportunity to reflect and go within.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Wintering

    2. Welcome to Wintering - audio only

    3. The four sections of Wintering

    1. Wintering session 1 - draw in your roots

    2. Session 1 - audio only

    3. Draw in your roots relaxation

    4. Optional Activity - Hygge yourself

    1. Wintering session two - Taking stock

    2. Finger Labyrinth

    3. Centring relaxation

    4. Optional Activity - Forest Bathing

    5. Taking stock - audio only

    1. Session 3 - Turn in

    2. Session 3 - audio only

    3. Wintering Yoga Nidra Relaxation

    4. Optional Activity - Create a Vision Board

    1. Session 4 - laying the groundwork

    2. Final Wintering Relaxation

    3. Finger Labyrinth

    4. Optional Activity - Fire

    5. Word for the year

    1. Reflection and Feedback

    2. Next Steps

About this course

  • £20.24
  • 23 lessons

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rest, retreat, restore


  • When can I access the sessions?

    You will have immediate access to the whole programme so you can go at your own pace.

  • Will I get any reminders?

    You will receive an email every week for four weeks after signing up, to guide you to do the next session.

  • What if I can't do it straightaway?

    You have access for six months.

  • Do I need any experience or knowledge?

    No, this is a light, easy programme, suitable for all, from relaxation novices to yoga teachers!

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get cosy, and enjoy rest and relaxation